The main objectives of the Burland Homeowners Association are:

  • to maintain Weakland-Fawks Park; and
  • to maintain property values and the quality of life in Burland Ranchettes and the neighboring community.

We hope that visitors to this site share these concerns and will join us in our efforts. Our meetings (as of March) will be held at Shepherd of the Rockies Lutheran church, 106 Rosalie Road (same time...2nd Saturday of the month at 9:00 a.m.). Please join us.

Burland HOA is a Colorado not-for-profit corporation that is not a common interest community under the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act.

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Our first FireWise Meeting is set for... Wednesday May 10th, 6:30pm @ Delwood Fire Station Hosted by David Sitko, and "Co-Captain" Jack Roberts and tentatively, Assistant Fire Chief Joe Burgett (as one would expect... depending on "work")

There are so many things to talk about, as this is the first Burland Ranch FW meeting. Our goal is to introduce ourselves and the FW program. We can discuss... basic mitigation tips, property risk assessments, reflective address signage, and the Crow Hill slash site... etc And of course there is always room for open discussion and suggestions. This is FOR our community's benefit!!

If you are interested in the reflective address signage, bring $10 and we can get one ordered for you!!

The main goal of this meeting however, is to establish a volunteer committee to assist with organization, communication, promoting, and educating our community.

Sound like a big task? YES it is. That is why we are asking for volunteers for this committee which is a required part of the FW program. Burland has many residents over a large area. If we can break this down into smaller groupings, we stand a better chance of success.