Frequently Asked Questions

Are Burland Ranchettes, Burland Meadows and Trails West the same?
No, they are three separate subdivisions. The Burland Homeowners Association relates to property owners in Burland Ranchettes. However, we are all neighbors and residents of Burland Meadows and Trails West are more than welcome to participate in the Burland Homeowners Association.

Is the the Burland Homeowners Association the same as the Burland Civic Association?
We were originally incorporated as the Burland Civic Association. But in 2004 we changed our name to the Burland Homeowners Association, which more clearly conveys who we are and what we are about.

Are the fishing ponds on Deer Creek open to all Burland residents?
No, the ponds are a separate entity which area residents may use by paying a membership fee. Contact Gary Seibel, 303-816-7278.

What can done about the condition of the roads in this subdivision?
All road issues should be brought to the attention of Park County Road and Bridge (719-836-4277) or Commissioner Mike Brazell, 303-884-1653, Dick Elsner - 719-836-4209, Mark Dowaliby, 719-836-4211.

Who can I contact to report a possible covenant violation or other problem in the community?
Look under "Contact Us" on this web page to find a list of Burland Homeowners officers. You may contact any of these persons by phone or e-mail.

What can we do about speeders on Burland roads?
Our Homeowners Association has worked with the Park County Sheriff's Department to increase patrols in our subdivision. Road and Bridge has recently installed additional speed limit signs in some areas. It is important for all residents to drive safely and obey traffic laws.

How can residents work together to achieve common goals?
If you haven't already done so, join the Homeowners Association and come to meetings to share your concerns and help make decisions. We also encourage all Burland residents to come to our annual Burland picnic held every July.