Weakland - Fawks Park

Weakland-Fawks Park is located on Burland Drive at the foot of Mt. Bailey, between the intersections of Conifer Drive and Yellow Pine Drive. The 28 acres were donated to the Burland Civic Association in the mid 1970s by one of the original developers, Gil Weakland. The park, which includes a pavilion, picnic tables, and charcoal grills, is now maintained by the Burland Homeowners Association.

We have a play area for small children to which we hope to add some new equipment to next year. We also have a small slide and bucket swing seats and an area for the older children which includes a larger slide with fireman's pole and decking below, as well as swings, seesaws, and climbing equipment. In the fall of 2004 we added a new basketball court. A trail to the top of Mt. Bailey begins in the park.

The park is open from sunrise and closes at sunset for the enjoyment of local residents. Many churches, play groups and organizations utilize the park. It is also used for weddings, family/school reunions, meetings, etc.

If you would like to reserve the pavilion for a special occasion, please contact Mary Ellen Sawyer - 303-816-0237.