Current Homeowners Association Priorities

Mt. Bailey - Some Burland residents may know that Mt. Bailey, which adjoins our community park, is owned by the Burland Homeowners Association. The smaller of two towers on the mountain, is leased to Park County, for local government radio transmitters (Sheriff, Road and Bridge, Fire Department, Denver Water Board, etc.) The larger tower also belongs to our Homeowners Association and space on it is leased to several companies which provide cellular and other services to the area. The income from these leases enables the Burland Homeowners Association to work for improvements in our community.

Weakland-Fawks Park - We have worked hard in recent years to develop our community park, located on Burland Drive at the foot of Mt. Bailey. The park includes a shelter with picnic tables, playground equipment and a new basketball court. Hikers are encouraged to use the trail which begins in the park and winds its way to the top of Mt. Bailey. If you would like to reserve the pavilion for a special occasion, please contact: Mary Ellen Sawyer at 303-880-9272.

Download the Weakland-Fawks Park Agreement   Download the Weakland-Fawks Park Agreement (PDF Format)